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International Shipping of Household Goods using Ocean Freight Services Vs. International Moving Companies

Yes, you can ship household goods or personal effects using international Ocean Freight Services from direct and indirect ocean freight carriers (international shipping companies: International Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, VOCC) instead of involving in your international shipping  moving company.

Using ocean freight services offered by international shipping companies (International Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, VOCCs) for international shipping of household goods or personal effects by sea means an international shipping of properly packed not-commercial goods that will be used for personal needs, not for sale. I.e. you may consider cost-effective and reliable international shipping services provided directly by international shipping companies instead of hiring a costly international moving company.

International Shipping Boxes

However, if you are a first-time international shipper and you are not quite familiar with general procedures in international shipping of ocean freight then:


It should help you getting international shipping procedures with your ocean freight and the international shipping cost to be predictable and understandable.

You may find more information related to international shipping of household goods and personal effects in this link as well – INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS OVERSEAS

American Multimodal International Deliveries - AMID Logistics, LLC is an U.S. International shipping company, fully licensed and bonded U.S. OTI: Freight Forwarder. As long as you are familiar with general procedures in the International Ocean Freight Shipping Industry, you may consider  using international shipping services and costs offered by our company for international shipping of household goods or personal effects overseas. I.e. consider and compare international ocean freight shipping rates and services from international transportation companies Vs. international moving companies.

NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CLEARLY UNDERSTAND, WHICH KIND OF SEAFREIGHT SERVICE YOU ARE GOING TO USE! For your convenience we have separated our U.S. Real-time Online Seafreight Calculators by sub-domains for different kinds of seafreight services:

* In respect of international shipping, motor vehicles mean vehicles such cars, motorcycles, boats, jet ski etc that require a registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


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